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Smooth Vodka

Bomond Vodka -- Spirit of Perfection, made and bottled in France with the highest quality wheat and grapes. Six times distilled without any additives or enzymes. Exceptionally smooth. Please drink responsibly.

Our Story
Quality Ingredients

Quality Ingredients

One reason for Bomond's success is the quality of the ingredients we use.

Natural sunshine

Water Source

Using limestone filtered water results in an exceptionally smooth vodka.


Multiple Distillation

Six times distilled in specially designed cognac copper pots.

Unrivalled taste

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

Unrivaled Crafstmanship. Bomond Vodka.

17 August

Bake's Bomond Vodka Tasting

Come celebrate another beautiful Summer in Seattle at @bakesplace at their outdoor patio and try our exquisite Bomond Vodka. There will be prizes, live music and cocktails galore along with delicious appetizers!

We look forward to seeing you there between 5-8pm, Thursday August 17th.

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September 3

Sold in Three States & Two Countries

We are thrilled you are curious to find BOMOND Vodka near you. If you spot a bottle of Bomond somewhere not posted on our site, please feel free to shoot us an email or snap an Instagram @bomondvodka and let us know where you are!

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